Sire – Reviiver

Heads-Up Display Animated Explainer

Following an explainer we previously created for our friends at Sire, they needed another video which explained their newest offering, Reviiver — a business continuity package which will leap into action if your servers all go down. The brief was “Reviiver is your superhero”, but it couldn’t be cheesy (no cartoon hunks with their pants on over their trousers), so we used a heads-up display treatment instead.

The heads-up display has been used extensively in films such as Iron Man, Minority Report, Avatar and any number of other recent sci-fi and superhero titles, so it was important to do it a bit differently. We dialled back on the amount of pointless, overcomplicated graphs, scrolling pages of text and spinning 3d shapes – which are usually only there to make everything look more complex and impressive than it really is – and brought out detail with a constantly-evolving background, and key foreground elements in 3D.

Lastly, we added a selection of atmospheric sound effects at the front of the piece to further sell the mood, and a voiceover (recorded and produced in-house) and music.

Still frames from the final Reviiver video