UBM: London Technology Week

Capturing a vibe

We regularly work for clients in the tech sector, and as such we’ve created plenty of video for technology. So it was great when long-term client UBM asked us to create a promotional video for London Technology Week – a series of events spread over some iconic venues around London, acting as a marketplace for innovations and developments in technology. There’s a strong link to a variety of industries including medical, economics, design and education, and the video had to reflect this, the scope of the event and the exciting, creative vibe.

Bringing in producer Elizabeth Herridge, our crews amassed around 12 hours of footage, which we condensed to 3 minutes during the edit. Not only did we film the events, speakers, products, interviews and locations, but also general views of London – giving ourselves visual plates to which we could add graphics – and transport too; planes, trains, taxis, buses, to bring the viewer into the video, allowing them to virtually travel between the venues.

Finally, once the graphics and music had been added to the edit, we graded the footage, giving each event a distinctive “look”, and added Sound FX – the “ding” of the bus bell, the plane flying overhead, the “Mind the Gap” on the tube.