We were asked to make a video by Explore Learning to help their Summer marketing push, which they had called #BeGreat. They wanted to interview teachers, parents and students and find out how they had been helped to be great by Explore Learning – the brief requested a “mood” piece; heartwarming, positive, uplifting. Knowing what we know about video, we knew there was only one thing for it – Slow Motion!

People laughing, smiling, expressing surprise or fear in slow motion is almost always absolute gold. It’s really hard to watch someone smile in slow motion without reacting in kind. It’s always amazing to watch someone’s face change from blank to happy – sometimes the mouth goes first, sometimes the eyes crinkle up – it’s always different, and always great to watch.

Shooting on the Sony FS700 with a 50mm prime lens (is there a more beautiful portrait lens?) we filmed a selection of interviewees in both regular speed and high speed, to achieve the slow motion playback. The result was some really lovely, uplifting face shots, which added an extra dimension to the mood of the video we created.

Take a look at the film we made, and get in touch if you’d like us to slow you and your team down too.