Revised CTA Exam

In late 2017, CIOT announced a major update to their Chartered Tax Adviser exam. This wasn’t a trivial update, this was a major shift in how students applied for the exam as well as how it would be structured, helping to reduce any duplication and simplifying the overall exam to attract new students.

We were supplied with as much information about the changes as possible and we began to condense 11 pages and 4,000+ words down into a 1,200 word 8 1/2 minute script without losing any crucial information along the way. This was then divided into 8 logical sections, making sure that students could jump to a particular section to view specific changes easily.

Creating an animation of this length required a lot of collaboration to make sure that the client was happy with the technical details of each section, as well as the visuals used to convey the changes. Therefore each of the 8 sections were storyboarded so that the client could see what would appear in each section, allowing the client to feed back on any changes before we animated the final video.

Storyboard designs

Storyboards for the CIOT video

The final video helped to communicate the upcoming changes at a launch event, as well as featuring on CIOT’s website along with an overview of the changes.