AEG Presents approached us to create a large number of promo videos to appear at the British Summer Time festival 2017 held at Hyde Park in London. We have produced British Summer Time content with AEG Presents since 2013 and we were delighted to be asked to produce content for the 2017 festival.

BST Hyde Park 2017

Our first task was to create a spreadsheet in Google Docs to manage the artist content. With efficient planning we easily logged the different stages of production for each of the artist promos. The 16 different reels we created consisted of 12 reels to be shown at specific shows, three separate BST reels and a midweek reel. We also created an additional sponsor sting and thank-you message.

Spreadsheet to organise the BST content

When we first received any artist artwork from AEG Presents we logged the artist and then started dissecting the artwork so that it is ready for the animation stage.  We animated the content to the required length and then sent the videos on, using the Vimeo Review Tool for any feedback. Once these were signed off we began assembling the final reels. In total we created 32 different artist promos between 5-10 seconds each. These were then combined into 16 different reels running at 30 seconds each and were played on screens throughout the entire 2017 festival.