Raising Awareness

To coincide with Business Continuity Awareness Week we created an animated promo to explain what business continuity is, why it’s important, and what can happen without a proper plan in place.

After gathering as much information as we could from The BCI on what they wanted to achieve, as well as publications and notes from their website, we drafted a rough script that would act as the voice over for the animation. After iterating with the client we settled on a script that included several examples of unforeseen issues a business might face (from the Horizon Scan Report), the importance of a robust plan to deal with these, and who they apply to (spoiler… every organisation).

Draft script

Excerpt from an initial draft script


We developed some rough sketched storyboards for each key section using Photoshop & Boords to show the flow of the video. This allowed us to gain feedback on the visual style of the video, which we refined further to bring more colour into each section.


The video was organised into sections and distributed within our in-house animation team in order to meet the relatively short deadline as the final video had to be ready for use in Business Continuity Awareness Week. We used After Effects to assemble and animate over 750 layers, sending over sections of the video for approval and feedback as they were completed.

Sound Effects

We built up a range of sound effects to add more depth to the video, including sounds from a variety of online libraries as well as bespoke Foley sounds recorded in our in-house audio booth.

Sound effects

A selection of sound effects used within the video


The video quickly gained 10,000 views on YouTube in the first week, helping to successfully raise awareness of the importance of business continuity in an engaging way.

No Magnolia are really easy to work with and flexible to the individual needs of their clients; they helped us with a fast turnaround on a video and communication was excellent throughout the whole process. We felt that they really understood our brief and objectives while bringing their own expertise to the project. Most importantly we were very impressed with the end result and have already seen a big impact from the release of our video!

Natalie Turner, The BCI