Getting Started

Following on from a previous video we created for Business Continuity Awareness Week, we were asked to create another animation for The BCI to highlight their Certification of Business Continuity Institute which is used as a starting point to launch a career in the business continuity industry.


We developed a short 60 second script that highlighted the features of the course, condensing information that we were provided, making sure that the core information was included in an engaging way.

CBCI script


Although the style of the animation had already been developed in the previous video, the CBCI animation included new environments and designs that had to be created in a consistent style. We made sure that all of the new assets were created within a defined colour scheme to keep everything on brand, and with similar design considerations as the first video. Subtle textures were added to bring in extra detail to each environment, whilst making sure that each section was well designed and eye-catching.

Laptop build - layer by layer

Planning out the animation

For this project we decided to create detailed illustrations for the storyboard to make it easier to get sign-off on the look of the animation as well as the flow to the story. Normally we would simply create rough sketches for this stage but we were confident with what type of graphics the client might be happy with so we were happy to jump ahead and design final style frames.

Using Boords to plan out each section of the CBCI video

Bringing the designs to life

As each section was already designed in Illustrator, we could quickly get started on the animation. We approached this in stages, allocating each section to a different member of the team before sending over sections of animation for approval.

Sound Effects

We put together a suite of over 40 tailored sound effects that would compliment the video whilst keeping the style consistent with the previous BCAW animation. The client chose a music track that they wanted to be incorporated into the video, which we edited together with the sound effects to help bring the video to life.

CBCI sound effects

Final Video

The final video was well received, allowing The BCI to promote the CBCI on their site and across social media.

No Magnolia are really easy to work with and flexible to the individual needs of their clients; they helped us with a fast turnaround on a video and communication was excellent throughout the whole process. We felt that they really understood our brief and objectives while bringing their own expertise to the project. Most importantly we were very impressed with the end result and have already seen a big impact from the release of our video!

Natalie Turner
Marketing Manager, The BCI