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Storyboarding (ani)made… enjoyable?

Storyboarding is an important part of the animation production process. Essential even. Over the years we’ve explored various methods of storyboard creation but when changes are required, it quickly become a monster to wrestle with.

That’s why we were so pleased to hear about Boords, a new storyboarding tool from Animade.

After receiving an invite, we were keen to see what it could do. Initially we used the tool to plan for an animated explainer for BT and instantly we were hooked. For us it was revolutionary, and a lot of fun.


The intuitive dashboard allows you to create individual projects to keep everything organized, great for when collaborating on multiple projects. For your first storyboard, simply drag and drop images to create individual frames or add blank frames with an area to add voiceover or action notes. The storyboard can be updated quickly, easily rearranged, and anything unwanted can quickly be deleted.

BT Storyboard with animation notes

Storyboard frames with the ability to add notes for actions and audio

Getting Feedback

Once you’re happy with all of the frames, it’s time to get some feedback. There are several options to share it with others. Firstly, a link can be sent directly to clients (with an optional password). Alternatively, a PDF version of the storyboard can be downloaded to review and send on. There are also options to customize the front cover to make sure it looks the part.

Since then, we’ve used Boords to plan multiple animations, as well as live-action productions, even being utilised when there wouldn’t normally be time or budgets to create a storyboard.

Boords is no longer invite-only so you can get started today. For us, it’s helped to cut down the time we spend on producing storyboards which allows more time for feedback to get the overall idea right, which is far more important. It’s also helped to make the whole process… enjoyable.