Huntswood have some really firm corporate values, and some really strong, identifiable branding. We were tasked with bringing the two together in a warm, inclusive video to help raise their profile both in their industry, and with new potential clients.

We interviewed multiple members of the Huntswood staff at their offices, finding out about their Huntswood journey, their feelings about the company, colleagues and clients. We created a white-screen studio within their boardroom, and filmed with 2 cameras. Everything was completed in 1 day.

We then edited the raw footage in-house, using our mobile edit suites, working alongside the marketing team to create a narrative flow that really made Huntswood a company that people would want to work with, and work for. Once we’d decided on the content, our graphics team created animated illustrations to enhance to message, based on the existing Huntswood branding.

The result is a slick, clean and stylish video, with warmth and personality. The video is one of a suite of three pieces, with each video focussing on a different aspect of the Huntswood story.