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Our Favourite Videos from 2017

From love at first sight to animated coconuts and memories of Tokyo… here are the videos that have caught our eye in 2017:

The Power of Like – Andrew Vucko

Looking at the power, influence and conflict an online ‘like’ can provoke, Andrew Vucko and a team of collaborators have created something truly engaging. Peppered with great sound design, this piece really caught our attention back in February. For more on the overall process, visit Motionographer

Different Blue – General Electriks

Directed by Arno Salters, this clever, wacky and well executed music video features all of fun of motion control from the band General Electriks, led by Hervé Salters. Set in a warehouse in Berlin, put your headphones on… this one’s a treat.

Veggemo – Giant Ant

Created by the talented team at Giant Ant, the Veggemo animation creates a fun way of promoting an allergen-friendly vegetable-based non-dairy beverage. Quite a mouthful. Featuring dancing coconuts and a rap breakdown of the health benefits, there’s pure fun in every frame.

Tokya Gifathon – James Curran

In April, animator James Curran expanded on his gifathon series by creating a gif every day whilst spending a month in Tokyo. Super fun loops with a bright eye-catching palette.

Green – CNN Colorscope

The Colorscope series has kept us engaged all year, with new animations being released by some of the top studios around. Every episode explores a particular colour exploring our perception of it and how it’s used within everyday life. It’s hard to pick our favourite but the above episode has some great moments thanks to the talented JR Canest. For the whole series, check out the collection here.

AdobeLive – Oddfellows

Featuring a mix of styles and some gorgeous animation, Oddfellows have put together a great re-launch for the AdobeLive platform. The range of textures and visuals created from simple shapes is certainly eye-catching, more on their process can be found here.

In a Heartbeat – Beth David and Esteban Bravo

Produced at Ringling College of Art and Design, this heart-warming animation about love at first sight has gone on to receive a lot of deserved attention. The animation is fun and the lack of dialogue helps to bring the focus to the gorgeous visuals and score by Nick Ainsworth. Shortlisted for the category of Best Animated Short in the 2018 Academy Awards, this video could go far.

Dream Makers – Honda

Created by Wieden + Kennedy London, this dynamic ad for Honda looks at the creative process of crafting stylish cinematic scenes, taking each section from script to finished shot. It’s a great insight into the iterative nature of the creative process, showing how multiple teams and techniques are being used to create a finished piece.

Communication is Everything – Yeah Haus

Another beautiful animation from Yeah Haus which includes 3D and 2D techniques clearly explains how Vonage have changed helped people around the world through communication tools.

Powerplay – ManvsMachine

This promo by ManvsMachine for Logitech’s Powerplay wireless charging system features gorgeous visuals and sound effects to highlight the experience of using the device. Additional images and more from the series can be found on the mvsm site.

Chloe – Moth

The first in the ‘Fight for Good’ series of animated videos created for The Salvation Army by Moth studio. Featuring hand drawn animation and a heart-warming tale, these videos showcase another great example of the talent capable by the well established animation studio. View all four videos from the series here.

Obsession – OK GO

Our list wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging OK GO’s latest music video “Obsession”. Directed by the band’s frontman Damian Kulash, Jr. & Yusuke Tanaka, it’s a clever use of 567 printers, perfectly in sync to produce something original and super creative. This one’s best viewed in 4K, with the sound turned up.


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