Nursing Now – Launching The Nightingale Challenge

Nursing Now approached us to create a video that could be used at the ICN Congress in Singapore to help launch their initiative – The Nightingale Challenge. The challenge aims to empower the next generation of healthcare professionals by recruiting 20,000 nurses and midwives under 35 in 2020 – The Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

Inspired by the challenge, we collaborated with Nursing Now on a script that would sit alongside animated graphics and interviews from around the world.

Nursing Now Storyboard

Bringing it to life

After coming up with ideas and animation notes for each section, we put together a storyboard to help visualise what each part of the story could look like. Using Boords, we were able to describe the action, audio and transitions whilst getting feedback from the client on any necessary changes.

The animation needed to have a global feel to reflect the intended audience and message of the campaign. We made sure to include a wide variety of nurses to represent different roles from different countries, whilst helping to highlight how many nurses the campaign was targeting. We were also able to utilise photos taken in different hospitals and medical centres around the world to help reinforce the global feel of the video.

The reaction

We got perhaps the most enthusiastic feedback we’ve ever had, from one of the academics involved with the project. Still bowled over by this.

I watched it and then asked one of our other Profs to come and watch and we felt so inspired! Another moment where we have to pinch ourselves and realise this is really happening. This is so positive, energising, succinct, key messages are there and beautifully crafted. I think we are going to smash this Nightingale Challenge out of the park, I know already there is a buzz around it. I am so grateful to be part of this journey, it is the career highlight for me! Well done everyone for all you have done with this, what a fantastic film.