An iPad UI explainer video

We were approached by the people behind Zuant, an app designed for rapid harvesting of data at trade shows and other sales occasions, to create an iPad UI explainer video which they could use to explain the app to people using it for the first time. These were likely to be in a hurry, with little patience for a lengthy manual or complex instructions. Luckily, the app is super easy to use, which made our job a whole lot easier!

We started by taking screengrabs of every part of the app, and forming an animatic around the script and a temporary voiceover. We then spent some time automating the iPad’s keyboard so that we could show it typing anything we needed it to type, and working on the transitions between sections.

We also automated various parts of the animation including the “sync” section – in which all the individual items are animated based on the position of a master slider – and the “add literature” section, where the number of items ticked is linked to actually how many are ticked, rather than being hand-animated. This approach, where you only have to change something in one place to affect the animation, is more efficient in the long run (and makes for some good opportunities for the odd tutorial).