Gordon Ramsay Dining Experiences

Customer Journey Video

We were asked to create a customer journey video for Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Maze, Petrus and The Savoy Grill who all offer a kitchen table experience, where customers can dine in the restaurant’s kitchen itself. This allows them to see the food as it’s being prepared, and gives a fascinating insight behind the scenes of a high-end restaurant. The customer journey videos were created so that the marketing team could increase awareness of this offering and generate higher numbers of customers. We worked closely with both Gordon Ramsay’s marketing team and their agency Freuds Communications to bring the project to fruition.

Filming at 3 restaurants over 2 days and working to a strict budget, we kept the crew lightweight and mobile, able to move around the restricted and busy space of a working kitchen. It was hot work filming under heat lamps and in front of roasting ovens and gas hobs, but we managed to create 3 stylish video journeys, each highlighting the particular style of the restaurant, and the fantastic food on offer!