Christian Aid – STAR Ghana

After creating a video to promote ACRE, an initiative backed by Christian Aid, we were asked to work on a re-launch campaign for the STAR Ghana Foundation. STAR Ghana aims to promote change for citizens in Ghana, creating a platform for ordinary people to be heard, helping to bring about positive change.

Working closely with Christian Aid we scoped out a video that would cover a mix of interviews and animation, including testimonials and a reveal of the new STAR Ghana Foundation logo. We collaborated on a script for the animated sections of the video and created a storyboard that outlined the action in each section as well as showing where the interviews that were filmed in Ghana would appear. Whilst working on the storyboards we had to make sure that the project was delivering value for money for the charity and that each section was deliverable within the timeframe that we had until the launch event.

Storyboard designs for the intro of the video

Storyboard designs for the intro of the video

The animation focused on the citizens and the community that are given a voice thanks to the STAR Ghana Foundation. We aimed to integrate as many of the interviews into the animated environments as possible in order to maintain a good flow to the video, helping to make it more engaging.

The video was used at the launch event of the campaign and on media channels in Ghana, helping to outline the future plans for the charity and philanthropy within Ghana.