Hanovia Aquarius

A 3D animated explainer featuring water simulations

As part of a longer promotional video for UV water treatment specialists Hanovia, we were asked to create a 3D visualisation of part of their technology. The Hanovia Aquarius technology is fitted in the ballast tanks of cargo ships to ensure that micro organisms in ballast water are removed to comply with IMO regulations. Rather than a chemical treatment, Hanovia technology utilises powerful UV light to treat the water.

The demo needed to outline the simplicity and effectiveness of the system, as getting actual footage of the system in place would be impossible.

We were given CAD files for the equipment, which we textured and lit, then added the fluids, showing the difference between the dirty water entering the unit, and the clean water leaving it. The micro organisms were then created and combined with the existing graphics, to show the effectiveness of the technology.

The final video, featuring 3D graphics, greenscreen live action, and footage taken at the factories and on location at Southampton docks, was used as an entry by the client for an international innovation award, which they won.