TrustID: Desktop app

A screencast and a half

TrustID makes software for validating identity documents. Their agency Blend came to us with a need to create a live-action video demonstrating how easy and quick this process can be using their software, so we suggested a screencast approach – but with the added twist that we would film the screen that the software was running on, so that we could show the scanning process as well, and pull back from the screen to add callouts with extra information. A day’s shoot in a studio led to multiple days of post-production – nearly every shot in the video has been altered in some way, from altering or removing logos on the keyboard, iMac and scanner, through screen replacements and flipping a shot to allow captions on the right-hand side of the screen. As well as extensive editing on the screencasts we captured, we also manipulated every single frame of screencast shown on the screen itself, creating the fictional character of “Jason Smith” from the personal data of one of the client’s employees (everything is anonymised apart from his photo).