AsphaltRS – “GlasGrid” 3D Animation

Branding and design agency Breathe came to us with a requirement for a video for one of their clients, who make asphalt reinforcement products for motorways, roads and airfields.

Initially this was conceived as a straight video piece with some testimonials, but we suggested a fully 3d animation, as this gave us much more scope to show the product being applied, while also removing the logistical problems of trying to get high-quality footage on a motorway in November.

We built on storyboards supplied by Breathe, modelling a quarter-mile section of motorway based on the Hatfield Tunnel, and animating a selection of cars and construction equipment. Two versions were created: a silent version with captions, for a specific event the client was exhibiting at, and one with a voice-over, sound effects and music.

They were delighted with the result, and felt that a 3D animation – although more labour-intensive than the original idea – showcased their product a lot more effectively.

Inspiration and Development

A sample mood board created for the AsphaltRS video

A sample mood board created for the AsphaltRS video